Is this his way of flirting or something?

I've never been one to actually understand flirting and im not quite sure how to turn on my awkward charm and steal his heart. so i would not be the best at recognizing it. the guy i like though does some pretty strange things that my other guy friends dont do so i wonder. things he will do is overly say thank you to me (he has been doing this a lot lately even if i only give him candy), He lets me sit unbearably close to him and he has let me put my head in his lap, When he says good bye lately he's been saying "Bye Girl" in this tone i would expect to come out of harry styles mouth. he actually listens to me, he remembers things i dont remember telling him. and he even remember tiny details. He shares his childhood with me in detail, his hopes, his dreams and his religious beliefs. he shares every awkward thing with me right down to skin conditions and allergies. he supports me on every decision i make and if the out come is terrible he still supports me. a good example of that would be he watched me put this cream on that im allergic to and i broke out into hives and started itching myself until i began to bleed. he didn't freak out he just sat there and said "I believe you when you say you broke out into hives and i support every scratch you make"

none of my guy friends do any of this stuff which is why its throwing me off like big time. im exposed to guy talk 90% of the time the other 10% is a little girl talk. is this normal behavior for someone who is just a friend or is this his weird awkward flirting. he is an awkward dude so i dont know i just really dont know
Is this his way of flirting or something?
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