Can I buy you a drink?

omgosh. this might seem like a dumb question but i have always been super curious about this.

a lot of people have said that i am attractive, have a great personality, great to be around and whatever blah blah blah. but yet when i go to a bar i am NEVER the one to get hit on! i have gone out plenty of times with my girl friends and i hardly ever get approached, but yet my friends leave with numbers and whatever else. very rarely do i ever have a drink bought for me. i have noticed people will look my way but no one ever says anything unless they are completely plastered lol i dont ever dress trashy hardly ever wear an insane amount of makeup. anytime i go out i look like i would any other time, only maybe i have a hint of glitter lol

maybe im a duff lmao! maybe i have resting bitch face or should try a new deodorant? I don't know lol

dont think i am trying to become a little player haha i have a decent job, my own car and have my own things going on. i can definitely take care of myself. like i said before i was just curious.
Can I buy you a drink?
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