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How can I stop creating romances in my mind that isn't there?

I often think a guy likes me if he acts a little too friendly or does something that triggers my mind to assume he might be interested in me. It is frustrating because I will begin to think he has a crush on me just for something "special" that he did but didn't do to the other person. I overthink and replay the scenes in my head to see if its true that he has on crush on me but I never know for sure. I start watching how that person acts toward me and try to catch any signs of flirtatious behavior. Then I would make scenarios in my head about him acting on this supposed "crush" on me. I start to look at him different and if I like him too I would start thinking we have this thing going on in my mind but at the end of the day I know it is just all in my head and he's just a friendly guy. I feel that this is unhealthy though, because I might think someone likes me and get my hopes up (it has happened before). I even think happily married men like me as well; that's how bad it is! It might seem like I'm conceited but really it's because I want attention. Anyways , how can i stop myself from doing this. I'm tired of making up feelings that aren't there and that I just make up cause I want that person to like me or to be loved in general. What should I do? Any advice? Thanks!
How can I stop creating romances in my mind that isn't there?
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