How to talk to a girl you have never spoken to before?

I'll keep this short:

Okay so there's this girl who was in some of yr 2 classes last year and was in one of my classes in semester 1 in my 3rd year, but she is not in any more of my classes in my final (3rd) year

Anyway I've also wanted to talk to her but never really had the courage, she would sit with a guy and a girl.

And I would always sit with 2 or 3 girls sometimes my guy mate, but most my classes are mainly female.

Anyway she has always made eye contact with me and I with her.

And she knows I always sit with these pretty girls, but I'm not interested in them.

Anyway I saw her out of class the other day for the first time after the Christmas and new year vacation, walking alone and we made awkward eye contact and then I just walked past her.

And I thought to myself I really want to talk to this girl and tell her I think she's pretty.

SOOOOOOOOO I was thinking of saying this to her next time I see her alone, what do u think?

"Hey, this won't take long"

I've noticed you in some of my classes and I kept thinking I wounder who that pretty girl is at the front, anyway yeah I just always wanted to strike up a conversation with you, but never really had the chance."

"Anyway, sorry if that sounds weird to you, I'll let you get on with your day"

And obviously smile when I'm talking.

What do u think?

Is this okay to say, or is it cringe?

Sorry was longer than I anticipated.
How to talk to a girl you have never spoken to before?
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