The One Who Got Away. Is it worth it?

So its been a yr since this really cute guy I fancied left my school. he's in college & Im a senior in HS. We met I think my sophmore yr we were on the same bus and he sat next 2 my friend & I was like wow he's good looking. I didn't see him until a few months later we were in the same after school club. I spoke to him maybe twice? IK. The thing was I was intimidated by his friends that were constantly around him and it was hard to talk to him. He was actually a very funny and sweet guy. Which made me fall 10x harder. Anyway also the next year I found out he was dating some girl I knew from way back. I actually backed off & respected the relationship for as long as it lasted. Awkward part was one of my long time friend was also her friends and they were kinda close. They broke up & then he left to college. Now Im here in my senior yr not interested in one single guy in this school. No one. But I found him on IG and I don't know if I should follow him or try to communicate w him or how? It been a year I don't know if its awkward. Even better should I even consider telling my friend?
The One Who Got Away. Is it worth it?
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