Should I text him first... again?

Well we exchanged #'s and he seemed really nervous around me when we did. He suggested we hang out when we exchanged #'s so I texted him first, he replied like he was happy to hear from me and we chatted all day. I asked him if he wanted to hang and he said he was totally down but then I was messing with him and said nevermind! He continued to text me and asked me what I thought of him, then I told him ya but that another girl thought he was cool too and he said "i don't really care what her opinion is of me" then he started asking me q's about myself. I told him I had to go and he was the last one to text. Should I text him in a few days and ask him to hang out with me this week? I feel that if he liked me he would ask but idk? What do you think? It doesn't seem like he likes me?
Should I text him first... again?
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