Keep thinking about her, and seeing her posts on social media, should just delete her?

Long story short I met this girl on a site , we hung out , then it lead to kissing & things got
A little shaky , she started by not replying to my messages & would reply the next day or hours later & then she would always cancel our " hangouts" or "dates" last minute , which would piss me off , I bought her a Swarovski bracelet for her birthday & I asked her out she said yes & I noticed it was too soon & I thought it made her uncomfortable so I apologized & she said it was okay , but she didn't want to say no , & I said we could start over & we can take
It slow & she tried to kiss
And I rejected it , & she always liked my social media photos , but then I felt like I was a convenience for her.. I was really trying with her but didn't really get anything back & she I guess lead me on , but I feel as if it's my fault for making her feel uncomfty or obligated when I asked her out & when I got her that bracelet. One night I got so upset cause I got into my car cause she messaged me the previous day and I was so excited because she asked if we could hangout , but then she shut me down by giving me another excuse... So I asked her why does she give me these weird excuses like " I ate some food and the bacteria from it is hurting
My stomach" or "I'm going to watch my friend play at a concert" like you don't make plans with me , then push me over again and again. & she said " I know what I want & know how to get it" so that really pissed me off.. & we didn't talk for a week & iMessages her like a moron saying sorry & she apologized too & the texting slowly died down to a point where I replied to a text she sent & she never replied back , that was in September of last year , & she said to me once that she didn't know what she wanted & to put it on hold yet she still tried flirting with me.. I'm just thinking I should
Just get rid of her on social media cause
It hurts seeing her and not talking to her and I don't want to be the weak one and message her.
Keep thinking about her, and seeing her posts on social media, should just delete her?
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