My bestfriend told him? Help me?

My friend sent to my crush and she said to him: Hey Jarrod I am your friend Destiny's bestfriend, so basically she has a crush on you. I told her to hug you, she never listens to me, it's obvious you like her too... so ask her out already! Sincerely her bestfriend. ps. Ur HOT not hot... on my scale... just sayin
I got this back?

What's he saying what got me is when I asked him if she hacked me and he said Oohh Yeah, so did it mean he hopes that I didn't see that he isn't looking for a realtionship? Could it be he thinks of we date he couldn't provide the attention I need? I don't know he acts he likes me, also when I said I was confused he said I mean that's just where I am in my life right now. So he wasn't implying he didn't wanna ever date
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Like ever date me
My bestfriend told him? Help me?
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