How can I make a move on this girl I've been seeing on the bus? Does she even want me to make a move?

Yesterday i took the bus because it was raining and i noticed this cute girl who made eye contact with me several times and would ocasionally smile but it wasn't obvious that she was smiling at me so i didn't think much of it. But there was something about her that... I dont know... Something special that makes me think she actually enjoyed my presence or something...
So today i missed the subway on purpose so that i would get to the station at the same time i did yesterday, so that i could take the bus, which i dont even need to take. I usually just make a ~10 minute walk instead, because i dont like waiting for the bus but i did i got there later than i couldve had just so i could see her.
When i got there she looked at me and smiled like she was happy to see me, but she was like 20m away, she probably smiled only in my imagination but whatever.
I was lucky enough to have the chance to let her get on the bus first, to which she said thank you and smiled (a lot more than a normal person would, if you ask me, but maybe she's just a really jolly girl), maybe the best way to describe it is to say that she was pleasantly surprised.
It was definitely a special moment for me, the whole bus ride really, even when i looked at her for a second and she caught me looking at her and i just moved my eyes up and then looked at my feet really fast, which could have ruined the idea that i am atracted to her but hopefully didn't. Ever since i left that bus +10 hours ago, i can't stop thinking about her and im decided to aproach her, i just dont know how, i know handing her a note when i leave the bus would be the easiest way but im not sure if she would like that. Can you give me some help? I'd like girls to give suggestions and her thoughts in whether she's interested or not but guys' comments are welcome too
How can I make a move on this girl I've been seeing on the bus? Does she even want me to make a move?
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