What should I do about this gym guy?

So there is this guy named "D" at my gym we technically only spoken to each once but I'm sure he's interested in me because I see looking at me often and lot, he's often near/around me plus I see his friend/s looking at me a lot too but only when D is around. I have made the move to talk to him but I realised I don't really smile or look at him, I guess because I hesitate since I'm kinda shy plus I have a small interest in him but if he asked me out for coffee then would be great! Hahah

Plus I'm going to gym with my friend (girl) on Thursday which is different since I usually go with my bro but I'm sure I made it clear that my gym buddy is my bro

by the way I know and understand on how some people don't liking talk to people at the gym since its for working which I agree (that's why I don't really smile/look at him) but I don't mind a small talk

What should I do? Do you think he has interest?
And Im sure he's at least 2-3 years older than me
What should I do about this gym guy?
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