I can't tell what his intentions are?

I first met this guy at an accepted students day for freshmen college students. And I never really had a conversation with him, but I was walking into a seminar and he tapped my shoulder and ran the other way childishly. For some odd reason I thought it was cute. Through the first semester we had a few classes. We would make eye contact, but never speak to each other. When the second semester started he out of no where said "what's up *my name*" with a smile on his face at the dining hall. One morning a few weeks later I had breakfast and I saw him putting ice cream on his waffle so I walked over jokingly said he was weird for doing that and walked away. 10 minutes later I saw him sitting alone so I went over to go sit with him. We talked for a little. He asked who my friends were. then he asks me "are you talking to anyone at Rutgers" I said no guys are weird and we kept talking. A few days later I saw him in the library and I sat next to him and pretended to do work and he looks over and said "what do you want *my name* " Jokingly and I look with my fake shocked face. He asked what I thought of him and I told he I thought he was arrogant and unfriendly so he told me to ask him a question to get so know him. we get to talking about ourselves and laughing at a few jokes we were making here and there. Then he said "Let me ask you this, why are you still sitting here when your work is already done" He didn't say it rudely. He had a smile on his face. I had to laugh and tell him I didn't know. After this I really thought he liked me, but I played it off. Two days later I Facebook requested him... He didn't respond for a whole week, but it made me upset that he added all my friends on every social media site possible without even adding me back!! Finally he did. So I asked him the next time I saw him if I could text him over break. He said to Facebook message him and he never looked at the message. I have no idea why I suddenly got the cold shoulder.
I can't tell what his intentions are?
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