Is this guy interested in me or not?

Ok, there is this guy and I just can't figure out if he likes me or not. There have been quite some moments that show me he likes me, at least I think so.

For example: I was waiting for my bus and suddenly I catch him looking at me with wide eyes (I don't know if this matters) and he stares for another 2 seconds or so and then turns away quickly. Another example is when I was on the bus, he happened to be sitting next to me but that was just coincidence because it was one of the last free seats, but what made me wonder if he liked me is what happened next, I was just texting when I realised he was looking at me, but I mean really looking like with a smirk on his face and absolutely obvious because he was sitting right next to me, it's like he wanted me to look at him. I also heard him say to his friend 'No way she's 3 years older than me'.

So what do you think, does he like me or not?
Is this guy interested in me or not?
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