I don't know what's happening?

So hey guys... I'm kinda depressed... There's this guy... (It always starts like this😂) and he really likes me and I liked him... we hung out together.. and like did everything together. He still likes me and we still hang out. But something happened three days ago... there's a new girl. She's really nice and pretty, but see, she kinda taking away all the guys I hang out with. The thing I hate most is being lonely and sad... but she is slowly taking away my friend that I like... she doesn't know it but its happening. I guess you could say I'm jealous... But I dont wanna be jealous. It hurts and I've never felt this way. I feel like hurting myself but look... I'm not that stupid... Its only one guy... but Im still really hurt. Please help me...
I don't know what's happening?
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