Can I make a guy like me?

how can i make a guy like me? i met this guy, he is a friend of a guy that likes me, and i really like him. I have only met him once, and we are friends on Facebook (i added him). In my deepest dream he find me attractive, but when i search for signs a guy likes you i could only check off very few signs. But then again he thinks that im dating his friend ( i told the friend i was only after friendship, but i think he took it as a challenge) or at least he know his friend likes me.
So i'm thinking he is either not interested and just being friendly or he find me attractive, but thinks i like his friend or that he won't "do something" because of his friend.
And unless i misunderstood what his friend said (the guys that like me) he a kinda calm guy (when i met him he was up walking a lot, but he had some drinks).
But when i met him, i was 99% sober (i had one glass of wine) and i think maybe he had some more drinks, but he wasn't visible drunk. And sometimes we would lock eyes and at one point he just looked at me and smiled (his friend was talking to both of us). He also told me i looked nice and he said i understood him (we have the same humor kinda) BUT then again he might have done all of these things bacause of the drink (s). Im et him yesterday at the mall, and he looked happy to see me lol (ofc it could be because he's friendly).
Can I make a guy like me?
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