Girls only: can I still get her to like me again?

I usually go to this sandwich shop to grab food once a week and I noticed one of girls there always tried to get my attention (I've seen her a couple times) anyways we seemed to really connect so I decided to add her on Facebook and she added accepted me right away, I made a few jokes and then asked about her school and said ( ya I was totally creeping). I knew that was a dumb thing to say and haven't said anything since but I was wondering if women give second chances for saying something like that?


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  • Yes, it completely depends on her personality. If she doesn't give you a second chance she's not worthy of your time.

    • Okay sounds good... I just thought if a guy came on too strong or sounded creepy, it basically means you're donw

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  • We give second chances unless she is a complete biotch


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