Do I text him again?

Okay so I got this guys number at a bar (I had known him before this encounter, but we were just friendly acquaintances) i texted him my name when I got his number so he'd have mine and he texts me back two hours later at 3 in the morning saying that "he's sorry his phone died and he's happy I texted him." I didn't respond to his text for like 15 hours because unfortunately a family friend passed away that morning so I was preoccupied. Anyway I texted him saying "it was nice seeing you yesterday! Let's get coffee some time!" I know I left it with no room for response but he hasn't texted me in a day and I do like him and want to meet up. Should I text him about what happened and why I was so late responding? Thank you so much!!
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Okay. We've known each other for a few months though. We had a flirtationship at work but nothing came of it because I turned him down a couple times before. he's since left work so this was the first time seen him in a little while.
Do I text him again?
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