Is it bad that I go for guys like this?

I always happen to say no to guys whenever they ask... always and I mean always. Some guys obviously drop it and go but some guys continue to ask me.

For example. My last boyfriend and I met at a club. I don't go clubbing, was there to supervise my friends from getting drunk. He offered to buy me a drink and I told him no. He then continued to tak to me and I told him to leave me alone. He asked for my number and I said no. Then the next week I met him at streets while I was walking home. He asked me
For a date and I refused. After bumping into him several times and him trying to get my number and ask me out I started fallin for him.

I always after a little while fall for the guy. Is
That weird? But the thing is growing up my parents relationship wasn't good and I find that it's that reason why I always turn men down and never give them a chance. I only happen to give those a chance that never give up on me and that's because after them trying and trying I eventually Fall for them.

Is it bad to like guys like that? Am I doing something wrong? Should I not do that?
Is it bad that I go for guys like this?
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