In love with a Co-worker, how do I proceed?

I have worked at this place for a couple of months now and from day one I have been developing very strong feelings for a close co-worker.
At first I tried to ignore it but lately it has been very hard. I highly suspects that she is attracted to me. I see the signals you know, how she enjoys my company and how I can make her blush. But I don't know if she wants to act upon that attraction. And neither do I!
It's really painful to just flirt with someone when you know what it can cost you. I'm sure we both enjoy our work and we are both afraid to jeopardise it by having a love affair at work.
Again, it's painful to just go on like this and eventually having to dwell on that she was the one who got away. On the other hand I might ruin work for two people if I do something stupid.
What do I do?
Enjoy having a good job and dial back on the flirting
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Risk the pleasure of a good work situation for the two of us and go Nike; just do it
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In love with a Co-worker, how do I proceed?
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