High school girl problems?

Okay so I've never had a girlfriend and I am a sophomore in highschool. I guess I'm a little bit over okay in the looks department and tho I am not a body builder but I am quite noticeably physically fit and I am well known around my school as an athlete and performer. I also am very smart and my GPA is considered 'very superior'... Although most people wouldn't guess it. I have a lot of guy friends (athletic, nerdly, shy, hell even gay friends) but I have few girl friends (not girlfriends) . Girls do come and talk to me but it seems that their the girls that everyone else wants.. You know with big front and back. Ussualy had lots of boyfriends. Yeah not my type, and it seems that a lot of my conversations end up with ME friend zoning them. Well the type of girl I like happens to be shy, cute, small girls weird huh, and my main struggle is I am not used to making the first move, or have never made the first move, or any move at all... How does I make the first move on a shy girl... Theirs a few I have in mind. One in particular prompted me to write this question, because we would always walk passed each other in PE, we've never talked we both share a quick glance at each other as we pass by, never talked once... The only thing that I can thing of to start a conversation is the fact that were both wrestlers... But her season is long done and mine just ended so I guess it would be awkward to bring that up (she was jv in girls), but hell I shouldn't worry, I can't even approach:(
High school girl problems?
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