seriously. need. advice. what the fff is going on?

HELP, I'm 17 and need to get laid. Okay, so here is my current state. I am a attractive guy, mixed race, very built but lean, great flamboyant/classy style, and hair always dressed up and everyone knows me at my school, but I don't know everyone. I'm a senior who is intellectual and intelligent and girls are always staring at me. have friends but I tend to stay away from the "cool" and the attractive kids for some reason. When I look like one of them or more excessive. However, I find girls always staring at me really intense and any times I talk to them they are either surprised I am, or temporarily interested until I start avoiding them (if really attractive). If I'm with a group of girls and i give one more attention they get jealous? And its so obvious, it sucks because I have never even kissed a girl, and I look like I would have so many girls. I can talk to girls, but if they are attractive I sometimes can't even say anything. Why? Today this girl I talked to once with confidence and made a great impression with who I've since then avoided saw me checking out her a$$ when she went up to wait in line for food, so wile we were making eye contact she straight up lifted her shirt so I could get a better view for like a good 10 sec. I feel like that's something a girl would do to a guy she's interested in right? Also girls allllways stare at me and expect me to talk to them, just a bunch of stuff like this girl who said I was "perfect" and would freak out if I was around. Older women, everyone, even guys sometimes. One of my friends on the track team straight up asked me how I don't have a gf yet? im afraid of hurting this girl i dobt really like.. I just feel too mature for most of the girls my age and when I choose not to approach I feel like its because I know/ think we won't get along and they won't like me. At lunch I will sit with the preppy nerds or the cool greasers/ emo/ punk kids. Wtf is wrong with me? Where are my people at?
seriously. need. advice. what the fff is going on?
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