Should I even bother giving her a second chance at this point?

Hey all,

I met this girl over a semester ago and we pretty much hit it off from the start. We started to hang out more and more over the course of the semester to the point where we both were texting each other every day. The flirting and sexual tension almost became too much to handle at some points. However, a couple weeks later, conversation died down, and I played it cool for the time being, although confused. Two weeks later, I made my move after a Halloween party and she put her head down. Over the next three months or so, I stopped contact, wasn't a dick to her... but stopped contact. Now, its a huge role reversal. She stares at me all the time in class, our hugs linger, the eye contact is almost too real sometimes. I believe she's interested in me, and I obviously still flirt with her a lot. The problem is that I'm frightened to make my move with her again considering how crushed I was last time around. I was wondering if anyone else has been in this situation before, and what I should do. We've never talked about the rejection incident because I played it off to avoid embarrassment, even though she knew I was upset. Should I still after her? And if so, how?
Should I even bother giving her a second chance at this point?
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