In love with one of my friends, did I miss my chance?

So I've known this guy for about 8 years now, as long as I've known him I always thought he liked me, and we have always gotten along really well. Last summer we exchanged numbers and we Hung out a lot, normally after my 4-12am shift. He told me he liked me one night and asked if he could kiss me. I hooked up with one of his friends that I had a thing with for about a year, so I told him I felt weird about it for this reason. However after this we still hung out like normal. I hooked up with another one of his friends which I feel horrible about. But he still talks to me and even sat really close to me one night a ferry (even though there was a lot of space left). He came to talk to me throughout the night that same night.. My question is, have I ruined things by hooking up with two of his friends (each one two times)? Am I friend zoned? Should I tell him I like him, or will it seem like I'm loving the crew? PLEASE HELP, I think I'm in love with him.
In love with one of my friends, did I miss my chance?
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