Should I try to hook up with him before I leave to go and study to a new city? Or should I just let it be?

So this guy friend of mine and I had been talking a lot this past summer and we seemed to like each other a lot: talking every day, would always want to randomly meet up at school together to have lunch just the two of us, flirt a lot but never really got to the officially talking stage, went out on dates, kissed or anything. It was just mostly flirting and talking everyday before I went off to a summer program for a month. I come back and even before the summer program we had stopped talking as much as usual when I noticed he had been flirting and talking with almost every girl in this school organization we are in. Naturally I was like WTH? I completely felt like a dumb ass and assumed I had read into everything too much and of course I did NOT confront him or tell him anything because after all we weren't officially anything. I was thrown for a loop though because I had been so sure he wanted to date me but I assumed I had been wrong before and therefore I stopped answering as much to him or giving him much attention and stopped flirting with him. He would occasionally complain teasingly that I never answered him anymore and I would teasingly say "well you have a lot of girls talking to you already so you'll be fine." He's kind of an attention whore and I assumed any interest he had in me was so just some other girl would like him. So we pulled away but the times we see each other now we are still good friends and seem to still like each other even though he flirts with EVERY girl. He hasn't dated anyone that I know of. I'm about to move to a different city to attend med school in 4 months and every time I see him I'm tempted to just spark something up and just hook up for a while meanwhile I leave off to med school. I've been hesitant to do it though because he has such a big ego already and I have the slight fear he'll be a snob about it. Should I go for it? And if so how do I go about it given the fact that we've been friends for a long time?
Yes, hook up with him!
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Should I try to hook up with him before I leave to go and study to a new city? Or should I just let it be?
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