Friend slept over. Does she like me?

I've been friends with this girl for 5 or so years. Not great friends, but friends, and we've been hanging out more lately. The other night we were out and got very very drunk with some people. She kept complimenting what she thinks is my incredible ability to become friends with whomever I meet and we flirted some that night. We got touchy towards the end of the night and we went back to my place. We started making out in my bed. She asked if I wanted to fuck her and then she said she could tell I didn't want to. I did want to, but since she was so drunk, I was afraid she would wake up and think I took advantage of her (but I was actually probably just as drunk). Then I said "no, not tonight. I just got out of something with someone" which was so so so stupid but it was what popped into my drunk head. We continued to make out and then went to sleep. The next morning we laid in bed and talked some. She wasn't flirting or trying to cuddle, even though I made it obvious I wanted to. She left after awhile.

Some other relevant things are that she's better looking than me, we've been handsy and flirted in the past, that she moves from town in 3 months, and that (I feel bad) I think her roommate kind of likes me (she even said we couldn't go back to her place because her roommate would judge us hardcore).

Does it sound like she likes me or just was drunk and looking for a hookup?
Should I try to make a move?
Did I completely fuck up by not having sex and by using that horrible excuse?
What does she think of me saying no to sex?
Friend slept over. Does she like me?
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