Does he like me? What should I do?

So there is a guy that I liked for a long time. I always looked at him so i think he noticed me and he looks at me like every chance he gets. He looks so much at me that my friend and I thought he liked me. So i found him on FB and added him and the next day i chatted with him, but he would answer with 2 or 1 words so i said that he seemed like a cold person. The next time I saw him was after the chat and it seemed as if he expected me to say, and through out the whole week he would act all macho and dress nicely and try to impress me. But a week after he changed, he told a lot of people in our school that I spoke to him on FB and I didn't like it so I wanted to talk to him personally. So I went to him and said, "can u come earlier to school tomorrow? I have something to say to you" and he was all like "uuuh but tomorrow I'm not coming to school" so i was like ok and went. The next morning he removed me from fb and I went to school early to see if he was there and he came 1 hour late. And then he told a mutual friend that it was weird and that he felt awkward and that he didn't have anything to say to me. And then he didn't come to school for the next 2 days. His best friends would look at me a lot, once they even came in the hall where I was sitting and screamed out loud "..(his name).. is not here to today" and then quickly looked at me to see my reaction. The whole time they were there i felt like they were being his eyes and ears while he was gone. Does he hate me? Why did he do that? What should I do now? He could've just left thing like they so why did he remove me from fb?
Does he like me? What should I do?
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