Is it weird she hasn't mentioned her BF once to me?

I am really falling for this coworker of mine. The two of us have kind of a connection and apparently it is obvious because other coworkers have told me the same and I should ask her out. We hang out a lot, she is in my office basically every free time she has at work, I probably spend over an hour with her a day at work, sometimes close to 2-3 hours. We also have started hanging out more outside work. The last two fridays we went to house parties a guy at work threw, including her and I teaming up in a beer pong tournament this Friday and winning. We also created a trivia team together too that competes Wednesday nights, and she wants to join my coed softball team.

After I dropped her off at her apartment Saturday, we both crashed at the party and I picked her up and drove her there, I told her that I was glad she stayed here and didn't go out of town like she originally planned because I really enjoyed hanging out with her. She responded she had a ton of fun too and wished me a good weekend.

She moved here two months ago, from four hours away. I know she has a boyfriend back there because it is on her Facebook and I know she has talked about him to other co-workers, and I've overheard some of those conversations walking by. But thinking back, she has never once mentioned her boyfriend to me, ever. No stories about him, not saying she had a boyfriend or anything. And when she goes back to that side of state she always says it is to see her mom, sister and nephew, again never once mentioned to see the boyfriend to me. So I asked a couple co workers, and she's talked to my office mate about him, another mutual friend we have knows about him and says she talks about him.

Is it weird that in two months, considering we talk probably at least an hour a day 5 days a week and a couple days a week after work, that she has never once mentioned him to me? And what does it mean, if anything?
Is it weird she hasn't mentioned her BF once to me?
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