Would a girl take a long time to respond just to get back at you?

So I asked this girl that I barely knew out for coffee over Facebook and surprisingly she said yes. However, now she is not replying and I think it may be because it took me forever to reply to her messages.

here's why i think that.

When I asked her out, she sent me a reply telling me that she's caught off guard, flattered, would love to, busy during the week but can grab coffee over the weekend. Plus she responded positively to the joke I made.

Then 10-15 minutes later, she sends me another message asking me to let her know if the weekend works.

I was asleep at the time so I couldn't respond and I might be overthinking things but it felt like she was kinda eager to go on the date? Although I'm thinking she might be eager, its more probable that I'm just spewing up unlikely explanations because I really want to go on this date.

Anyways, I finally reply but it isn't until over 12 hours later. I ask her what times work for her.

Another hour passes and she tells me what times work.

After that, I spent the next 5 hours researching coffeeshops, checking my schedule, checking weather, determining what is the best path to the coffee shop, whether I should walk with her to meet her there, etc. Anyhow, it wasn't until 5 hours later that I finally manage to get a response to her. I suggested a time, a place, and made another joke.

That was during the day, just before dinner time. She hasn't replied to me and its 2 AM right now.

Im afraid I might have given the sense that I wasn't interested or she just didn't have the patience to wait? Or maybe she's mad at me for taking so long to respond and is doing the same to me?

I know its very possible that she's just busy and hasn't had the time to respond but I tend to overthink things and I would love some input into this. Thanks!

Edit: I typed this up last night but didn't submit it. It has almost been 24 hours and I still haven't heard a reply
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Okay I totally understand that from my actions, I did in fact make it seem like I was playing games or that I wasn't really 100% interested.

However, I am definitely very interested in this date and that my actions were the result of the circumstances and not of my interest.

At this point, I figure the damage is done. I would love to know how to repair the damages.
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I guess I also need to add that this is my first time asking a girl out on a date in my life and I guess I'm kind of ignorant in terms of what is acceptable and what isn't.
Would a girl take a long time to respond just to get back at you?
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