What exactly does he mean by "hangout"?

So there is this guy friend at school that always messes around with me talking about how his rule is "put out or get out". He knows I'm not like that at all and he says it just to bother me. I have this obsession with trucks, and he just recently got a new one. He asked me yesterday when we were gonna hangout. I couldn't tell if he was kidding or not so I asked him and he said he was being serious. Then his face got kind of red and he asked me again. I told him to name a time and place. He said what about this Saturday. And I said sure. Then he kinda just sat there thinking and so I changed the subject so that it wouldn't be awkward. I want to hangout with him but I'm a little worried about the "put out or get out" thing. I can't ever tell when he is serious or not. What do you think?
What exactly does he mean by "hangout"?
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