Okay what the fuck? I'm really worried?

Basically my bestie told my crush I like him and he actually never denied liking me back, he just said he wasn't ready for a realtionship rn so me and my bestie think he's waiting to get settled in college to date me? But I'm worried because 3 days I gave him my number and he hasn't texted me, he hasn't been on snapchat either for like 5 days and I'm getting scared that something's wrong? I possibly will get to see him. Also why hasn't he text me yet as well?
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I will say that he flirts with me a lot. And his snapchat score hasn't gone up any, and like last week we were supposed to go bowling and he knew I was possibly going but I changed my mind and he said he wasn't going either to imply that hey im not going if your not.
Okay what the fuck? I'm really worried?
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