What will the chances be?

Okay... I met this girl in April last year. Since then we've chatted not daily but we did often, till November last year we did started chatting daily and I started liking her. So i always tried to visit her school every time I had chance. On January this year i told her like her by phone as she asked me "who do i like?" I did not wanted to tell her by phone but i did, on that she asked me if i could things for her, and i said "if you let me visit you I will" she laughed and did not recieved nothing. But she kept on talking with me. Bad thing is; that since then i nearly have chances to visit her school so that means I had not gotten a chance to ask her out on person as it should be. And there's this redneck guy (Wich I want to belive he's "friendzoned") that goes to her school and see each other daily. Any way I have her cousin added as a friend on "facebook" but i don't chat with her, but i think if i chat with her cousin, she might think i'm better then what the other girl thinks I am as she might talk about me to her and also I might get higher chances to attract the girl i like to me then the "redneck"
What will the chances be?
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