Does she like me?

So I'm doing this internship and as part of my intern group there's also this other girl there as well.

Recently, we hung out (as a small group) during an "office party" for quite a while and I'm now wondering if she likes me or not. Here are the facts:

note: we're both in relationships and I'm not planning to do anything, just curious so I don't "act wrongly" towards her

-- I'm a bit of a touchy person, she didn't seem to mind that at all, didn't move away etc. (but only on the arm and such)
-- Despite her living faaar away (=long way home), I managed to convince her to stay much longer than she had planned
-- atmosphere between us seemed good, another woman even asked if we were dating
-- but: she asked to see a picture of my gf (why? reminding me of her?)
-- when I said, "what if I don't have a gf and only made her up?" (as a joke), she was like "I wouldn't mind"
-- later on, I took her to the train station (dangerous part of town) and we talked some more - but again, nothing happened

Any help appreciated!
Any thoughts based on these fairly minor things?
Does she like me?
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