I recently got in touch with my ex. Now what?

So I recently texted my ex whom I haven't spoken to in a couple years. I have never fully gotten over him after we parted ways in early 2010. I have moved on of course, but the thought of him was always there. I was surprised that he responded and was quite cordial. We've had some rough spots over the years whenever I would get weak and miss him, because I would always find myself becoming emotional and it would cause tension. So I would have to distance myself once again. This time, it has been more friendly, and relaxed between the two of us. I'm curious to know what could possibly become of our "reconnection". I intend on keeping this light and friendly, because I don't want to make the same mistake. Any thoughts on what might be going through his mind? Lonely, misses me, just being polite? Honestly, I'm surprised he's even speaking to me, but it has been 2-3 years.
I recently got in touch with my ex. Now what?
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