My friend's cousin is driving me crazy. What should I do?

One of my best friends has a beautiful and perfect cousin. I met her in my friends birthday and he introduce me to her and we talk about an hour. She smiles a lot, she is possitive, considerate, funny, she is perfect! I will marry her right now you know. But she was seeing another man so i couldnt ask her number instead i added to Facebook. We talk about 2 weeks on Facebook but just like friends and i hang out but with my friend (her cousin) but not the two of us. Then my friend told me that she was dating the man and he was her boyfriend so i dropped the mission. After 2 years, my friend gave me the big news, that she has broke up with the boyfriend. My friend was like, this is your chance!! i waited one month and i started to chat with her again. She was very nice with me but she rejected indirectly when i ask her for a dinner. Then things got a little awkward because she was like talking to her ex and i didn't want to bother her so... I know. But last week i met her in a party and she is single 100% and she was as funny as we met the first time and after that they she is liking and commenting all my posts on instagram. Im i little worried about getting rejected again because i dont want to stay awkward with her because im very close with all her family so.. I want to know your opinions. What should i do? Get the final chance? Go till the end? Or just forget about it? Thank you!!
My friend's cousin is driving me crazy. What should I do?
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