Guys: What do you think about body image?

I'm 19 and a sophomore in high school. I've always been a thick girl, even when I played basketball all in high school (I still occasionally do). I've had boyfriends in the past, but eventually the mental connection was not there. I eventually grew out of that, been single, and find myself attracted to some of the college boys I see at my campus. There's one boy in particular who has caught my attention, Eric. In my mind, he is perfection; he has the aurora of confidence about him. But I can't help to think that if I make conversation with him, he won't be interested. He's alittle on the chubby side, but a lot of girls want him too (He wants to be a pastor). I think about how out of shape I am and how i'm trying to be healthy again; but, my negative perception of myself physically makes me run away from the thought of talking to him. I get shy around guys that I like, but I do make conversation with them when I finally get the courage. I've been told I'm good at starting conversations and that i'm funny by guys So my question is this: If a girl has a great personality but is kind of far from the girls you usually go after (physical looks), would you still find her attractive? If the right vibes were present, would you overlook some physical things about her? I know these questions sound superficial, but I want to hope that there is a guy out there that will like me for ME and not so much what I look like. Any well thought advice/ opinions are welcomed. Thanks!
Guys: What do you think about body image?
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