Did I ruin my chances? Guys?

So... to make a long story short! This guy comes into where I work! Flirts with me for a couple days asks me out to a wedding... I say no because it caught me off guard! :(

Talk to him one more time... meet his brother and the guy that asked me out had to leave to go back to his hometown! Well, apparently he was thinking about coming back! Didn't hear anything for awhile.. so I write him a letter! Just a friendly letter...(maybe have been a little forward maybe a little too foward!) just told him
"I regretted my answer, just that the wedding caught me off guard! Told him about his brother coming in and telling me he was think about coming back! I haven't been able to stop thinking about him! And some other things! But, I think the most foward part was me saying I haven't stopped thinking about you!" Well, I don't know if he got the letter or not! Well even if he did, did it freak him out? How do I fix it? Like can I send another letter saying I want to start over? Please help! I really like this guy! "I know I shoudve said yes to the weddin it sucks that I didn't but, I wanna fix it! Please help!
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What could I say in the note? ALSO when I said I sent a letter to him, I actually sent it to where his brother lived! Do you think his brother gave him the message? I mean he did keep coming in.. please more opinions
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Which I guess.. why I keep thinking he'll come back is because he came into the thrift store I worked at, a lot told me he kept coming in a lot because he'd been really wanting to talk to me and that he finally had his chance! and the way he was looking at me oh my gosh! It was like I hung the moon or something! He was also maybe like 20 years older then me too. So.. I guess since he was showing so much interest in me.. that hey maybe he might start feel the same way!
Did I ruin my chances? Guys?
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