Can anyone decode this girl for me?

Hi everyone.
I'm fairly new to the flirting scene as well as this site, as I never really had the confidence to do so until recently...
Anyways there's this girl I find extremely pretty which I know lives near me and shares similar interests due to mutual friends, so after following her on instagram for a while, I decide to add her on snapchat. I thought why the hell not, what is there to lose? I've never done something like this before let alone be with a girl before. A few minutes later, she snaps me saying hey and we talk for a good 90 minutes with her reciprocating my snapchats extremely well with emojis, bit of cleavage and all; I thought I had it in the bag already.

The next night she snaps me. I instantly get very excited, understandably. I didn't open it until I got back from gym, about 2 hours after she sent it. After I respond, she opens my snapchat within 2-3 minutes. We talk for a while, but she isn't reciprocating and conversing to the same level as the other night. However, she was snapchatting me while she was in the shower (shoulders up, no cleavage)... is that normal or is she flirting? Obviously, if she was acting the same as the night before, it would be green lights to go ahead. But even though she snapchatted me in the shower, the emojis had disappeared along with the flirtacious vibe I got from her the previous night.

If anyone has any advice for me on my next move, it would be greatly appreciated. Should I wait for her to message me? When should I message her? etc. along with what this all means. I want to ask her out but I think I should talk to her more before doing so. I'm 17 and she is 16 if it matters. Thanks in advance :D
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She got back to me and everything is looking good ;)
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thanks for the help
Can anyone decode this girl for me?
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