Should I stay friends with my guy friend?

We're in middle school. Ok, so I think I shouldn't stay friends with my guy friend because sometimes he be mean to me for no reason. Like today, he had got his report card and I asked if I could see what he made and he said no and I said "Why?" and he said "Because I said so", then I had tried to look at it and then he had yelled and said "Dude why can't you mind your own business!?" and then the teacher called him up to take something to another class then we he got back he had saw that I was mad at him and he was smiling. Then this one time we was arguing just because my book was on his desk and while we was arguing he was like "Dude you can't win this argument" and I was angry and he was also smiling that time. This other time I didn't know a question on my math paper and he was like "You know your stupid right?" and I was like "No I'm not" and he smiled and said "Yes you are". Sometimes he also be mean to me when I try to be nice to him. He sometimes be nice to me but he's just getting mean. Sometimes I think to me that he doesn't really care if I'm mad at him. So what do you guys think? Should I stay friends with my guy friend? Sorry if my age says 18 when I first joined I had accidentally clicked 18 to 20 instead of Under 18 and I couldn't change it back.
Should I stay friends with my guy friend?
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