This guy stares at me and I'm confused?

There's this guy that I started liking then stopped because I felt like it was not gonna go anywhere. We only talked once so I was like forget it . Once I stopped liking him I noticed him looking at me in class . It started off one day , I just came into the class room and him and his friend ps were looking at me and I felt very uncomfortable. I also thought it was coincidence. So I told my friend about it and she told me whenever I read my writings (this is creative writing class) he turns around in his seat to watch me read. I thought it was my imagination so I asked my other friends to see if he looked at me. So the next day they watched him to see if he looked at me. I was surprised to find out he did look at me a lot . Like probably 10 plus times that day. Now I'm confused because today he didn't really look at me. And I feel stupid because I poked him on Facebook. (Who even does that anymore) Half of me thinks poking him was the right idea just to show him That im around. And the other half says he doesn't like me and I shouldn't have done it. Im so confused how do I figure out if he likes me really or is it just coincidences. I feel like I'm making a fool out of myself because thinking he likes me , makes me like him again. :(
This guy stares at me and I'm confused?
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