Can I make him interested or is it a lost cause?

So this guy is a puzzle to me. He is usually pretty quiet in class as he is very focused on his work and projects. However, if you get him talking about things he is interested in he can talk for days so far only class related stuff. I'm usually the same way, but now I'll go out and talk to everyone in class so I could talk to him without being too obvious I'm interested in him. I know I stare at him when I get the chance as he sits in front of me but I don't usually catach him staring at me. Only if he is talking to a few of us or the class in general he stares at me kind of like its a conversation between the two of us and he will ask me for my opinion and thoughts. The only other thing he does is say bye to me if there is only a few of us left in class. I'm not sure if he has a girlfriend. I was wondering if I talk to him more (or maybe there is something else I can do) specific topics or conversations that might make him open up a bit more? I feel like right now all we talk about is class stuff. Not sure how to bring up other topics without announcing to the whole world my interest in him. Haha I know, so awkward! >.<

Can I make him interested or is it a lost cause?
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