How come it's so awkward between us?

Is it just me or does he feel awkward too?One day he is nice, the next he acts like he doesn't know me.
I'm a young, attractive woman (28 years old) who is nice and polite to everyone I meet.
There is this guy (29 years old) who works in my building and also lives in my apartment block... It's always a little awkward when we bump into each other but we both usually smile and make polite small talk... There is also a lot of eye contact from across the room but I'm pretty shy when talking to him cos I like him... He is gorgeous...

Anyways today when I was walking into work he was on reception... We made eye contact and as I walked in the door I was gonna say hi but he just looked down at the computer and completely snubbed me... why?

I don't get him! Most of the time friendly, but then others he ignores me... I don't know!
He likes you... You make him nervous
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He really doesn't think about u at all
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How come it's so awkward between us?
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