A few questions about a girl?

Ok so there's this girl and she's absolutely stunning. I've know her for quite a while because she is good friends with one of my ex girlfriends. I had just started speaking to her in the past few months because i saw her out once for the first time in years , the same time really when i started speaking to my ex that she's good friends with.
This girls always been quite flirty with me but i noticed she's like that with quite a lot of boys. Im confused if she likes me for the following reasons: We were out last weekend at some big party at a pub and me and her and her friend and another guy got locked out of the pub lock in so we decided to go to a club. I bought the girl i like a drink when we got to the bar/club and she kissed me on the lips and kissed me a few other times while we were all sitting at a table , a little bit with tounges at one point then pulled away giggling. I was quite opitimistic at this point until her friend ruined it and started throwing up resulting in the girl i like having to take her home. Since that night she's texted me both Sunday and today being chatty. I just can't tell if she likes me because all the previous boys she's been with have been big and muscular . Im tall but pretty damn skinny!! 11 stone and 6 foot. I've put on quite a bit of weight though i use to be extremley skinny. My last ex girlfriend whose not friends with this girl i like was very attractive. Im wondering as well would this make the girl i like be more intersted in me?? I ask this because she asked who my recent ex was so i presume she will check her out on Facebook and see she is actually quite attractive. im relatively confident but quite insecure at the same time as im pretty skinny lol
A few questions about a girl?
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