Guys, does he like me as a friend or is he crushing too?

I can't tell if my crush likes me as a friend. I always wrap my arms around him he's touchy sometimes. He's really friendly and outgoing. And is a yr younger than me. We were touchy the 2nd day we were together at a volleyball scrimmage that was the first time I had my arms around him, I was a bleacher above him and he placed his back sitting between my legs comfortably, and I just wrapped my arms around him, messing w/ his hair.

Also he's in cheer so I don't know if he's just a super friendly guy or is just comfortable around girls. When we mssg each other I think I came on too strong. So I'm not gna mssg him for a couple of days. I'll wait for him to talk.

But we hug when we see each other which is only at his volleyball practices which is how we met bc I'm a manager and I really try to help him out. Because he's new to it, on the bench he separates himself from his team and we talk about the game.
MY FRIEND SCREWED THINGS UP THO! I asked her to find out if he likes anyone. And she just told him, I see u and ❤️(my name) flirt a lot. He was quiet she "she's (me) not ready for a relationship." LIKE SHE TOLD ME SHE WAS TRYING TO MAKE ME LOOK LIKE IM PLAYING HARD TO GET! Like no. That's not what I wanted at all. If anything I like him a lot.

And he said "well now I don't know." In the middle of a convo me"about how u played or about what?" Him"that hurt.." Then I said "What? I'm confused." H-" ur mean cx" M-"no I'm not u know I love you.." (I do like him but not like in love u know? Just saying) Then later in the convo I was making jokes and gave him a 1800 number as a joke but then gave him my real number he said he'd text but he didn't text:/ so that's y I think I came on too strong:/// IS HE WAITING FOR ME TO TEXT THO? I was the convo starter.. Does he expect me to always start the convo?
Guys, does he like me as a friend or is he crushing too?
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