Guys seem to act like girls with low standards am I right?

It's nice to be desired but as a guy, even a really attractive guy, I don't get that much. At least not the way I feel it for women. I feel like at a certain level attractiveness actually starts to work agaist me too in this reguard because girls don't seem to like to compliment good looking guys the same way we do for girls. In fact I only actually ever hear girls compliment guys with low self esteem.Now I understand at a base level how demeaning catcalling and such can be and I'd never do it myself but... moderate to attractive woman calling to me on the street still seems like a recipe for one of the best days ever lol. I hooked up with this girl who would occasionally grab my ass at this bar as a hello if I hadn't seen her first. It was an almolst male thing to do... only I didn't get mad lol. I thought it was awesome, funny and totally direct as far as her intentions that night. I talked about this with some friends and they agreed that while it would be terrible to do that to a girl, on the other side we'd be kinda surprised... but not really mad lol.

Got me thinking that maybe we have similar thought patturns to low self esteem girls in terms of what's sexually acceptable. Considering we'we're more likely to settle for sex that's sufficiently easy as well. It was just an interesting thought.

What day you all. Am I just weird or do I have a point. Do guys tend to have lower standards for acceptable women and behavior from women?
Guys seem to act like girls with low standards am I right?
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