I can't get this married woman out of my mind?

I looked at her first she didn't look back , then she started to look back , one day she smiled at me i didn't smile back , few days later i a friend told me that she is married , but she kept looking at me when she is alone , she knew that her friend is flirting with me but she kept flirting too , even when i get to a place she would look at me only , one day i didn't see her for a long time when she saw me she just stared at me , other day she went to buy coffee with her husband when she got back alone she looked at me , then her husband looked at me once , anyway one day she was walking with her friend who is flirting with me and they talked about my shoes , we kept on this way for long time , then i left for months i saw her suddenly outside our work , she was laughing with her friend when she saw walking pass by her she stopped smiling and stared right into my eye in front of everybody and when i was about to leave she kept looking at me , now after what happened when i came to work , she kept looking at me even in front if people , one day i was buying water she came close and asked me to let her pass she said that looking down and with shaking voice , then one day she came from outside and walked with her friend and stared right at me across the room and then left , whats going on with her please help?
I can't get this married woman out of my mind?
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