Girls, what would you think of this conversation starter?

So i want to talk to this girl at school but she doesn't have any classes with me and i dont know her. there's this "pickup line" if you wanna call it that which is pretty corny but ever since I've heard it I've always wanted to try it. So when i do see her in the hallway, ill start off by trying to get eye contact and smile, after that ill try saying hi or hey a little, and then the pickup line is do you know how much polar bears weigh? Enough to break the ice... and then introduce myself, start a conversation. Girls what would your reaction be? Is that too corny or would you just laugh/giggle and forget about it? Everyone always says humour plays a big part in winning over a girl, and i would be starting off with a joke... or is the pickup line gonna label me as a loser lol. I think she's, as i saw mentioned before, a more "low profile" girl because i didn't know who she was until a few weeks ago
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Basically im asking if a guy said the line to you, and you might think its corny and all, would you still laugh and think its cute and want to talk to him
Girls, what would you think of this conversation starter?
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