Is this girl leading me on?

I’m a chef and this waitress at work has been giving me some attention, such as

Out of nowhere she will smile and tell me to shut up even though I hadn’t said anything.
While smiling she puts her finger up at me
When i walked past her she gives me daggers and smiles
There is banter between us whereby we joke that we want to fight each other
She has jokingly threaten to knock me out
She has pretended to hit me with things
She keeps reminding me how much work I have to do, so to rub it in my face
Some of the other guys asked her if they could come out with her and her friend after work with which she said no, but said i could come though i wasn’t part of the conversation, but then later took it back.

Is she leading me on? Or genuinely interested?
Is this girl leading me on?
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