How do I get people to take me seriously?

Not many people take me seriously. They dont engage in many serious or more well balanced conversations with me. A lot of people pick fun of me, or that'll be theyre only "conversation" with me. They'll kind of mock the things I say and you know its okay to goof around and pick fun until it literally carries on forever. I dont really want to drop all my friends or my boyfriend, but how can I get the people in my life to take me more seriously, aand prevent this problem in the people I'll meet in the future?
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i think they think im easily offended or easily bothered and this is why they do it. Maybe how I react to them? I try to just laugh at it now but when it get repetitive is gets old and boring. Other times i'll be like hey... or thats rude, or thats mean, or you're so mean to me! *in a jokingly sometimes serious way* and thats usually where theyll pick fun. if i comment on them making fun of me theyll mock me saying "youre so mean to me" or "thats rude" ext.
How do I get people to take me seriously?
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