Why talk/ask if he does care about me?

So i liked this.guy and i told him straight up bc it was a dare, but i didn't know he had a gf at tht time. A few weeks pasted and my guy bestie dare me kiss the guy i liked but he told me in front of he guy and he agreed as well. So we ended up kissing and one kiss led to more. Suddendly we stopped. A few more weeks passed and i came to class with hickies on neck but they were a mistake they werent suppose to happen i was drunk. He saw my hickies and started to question me. He would asked where.it happened how and who did it happened with. He wouldn't stop bring them up at all during his class. But he had told his friend "i dont care about that shit. I dont even want tht." If he does care why still talk to me? Why he ask about my hickies then?
Why talk/ask if he does care about me?
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