Should I do this (: ?

So, I there's this guy in my school that I kind of like. He's in the last year if high school (4th grade) and I'm one year younger. So, when I went to drink some water, he was standing there with his friends and he said something funny to me and they all laughed (not in a rude way), after that day he was looking at me whenever he saw me and I looked back. So, I decided to add him on fb and he accepted and sent me a message. We've been texting yester for an hour, literaly about everything. He liked some posts on my profile (I know this ain't important, but I had to mention that) and that was it. He's a great person, funny, he has a great personality and he's cute also. So, my questions are:
1. Do you think this conversations will last?
2. Should I text him and if I should, when? (Is it my turn to message him?)
I know that this is kind of stupid to ask, but I've never had a bf nor met a person like he is, so I don't want to ruin everything..
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Should I do this (: ?
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