Why is this guy acting this way?

Ok so there's this dude I met a couple of months ago. We sometimes talk and he always flirted with me, I was like sure he just wanted to take me to bed and so I did so we gave it a chance, but we didn't actually planned it. A couple of weeks ago he took me to the movies and a couple of days ago he took me for dinner to a restaurant I suggested and we drank wine. Then we went and bought another two bottles of wine. We went to his place and we saw a movie, he reacted the same way he did when he took me to the movies earlier; I rested my head on his shoulder and he hugged me. The difference was that now he kissed me, and he did this all over the night. He was also hugging me a lot and kissing my forehead and all that sweet and cute stuff. He hold my hand too, we continued watching movies and hearing music and drinking some wine and we ended up making love. Before and after making love we slept and he was hugging me the whole night, and the next day he asked me like if I wanted to go anywhere like to eat or something with him. He's cool and everything and I think (or thought, now I'm a little confused) he just wanted to get laid (like I did) but he's still super sweet (I'm not complaining about his sweetness, actually it's pretty nice, I'm just curious about this). Why can he be acting this way?
by the way he always said nice stuff like "you look awesome today" and stuff like that, whenever he had a chance he used this kind of comments like to flirt.
Why is this guy acting this way?
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